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    How to ensure that the adhesive strength of corrugated board
    Date added:2013-06-24    Click to rate:1585

    Sizing adverse mainly corrugated board production line equipment status, quality adhesives, paper quality-related, common quality problems caused by bad sizing is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    1, drip glue phenomenon

    There is dirt on the plastic rollers, such as confetti, and other foreign matter such as starch agglomerates, or roll surface mesh caves have blockage, causing the rollers can not be successfully glue, can only pass a small amount of adhesive is easy to wipe fall, when it will appear in the glue on the plastic flute peak insufficient choppy drip glue phenomenon. Such corrugated surface will appear glossy and layered core paper traces carton compressive strength, compression strength and adhesion strength will be reduced.

    When the upper and lower corrugating roller is too wide a gap between, on the roller can not reach the place under Corrugated, flute peak would not have enough adhesive.

    2, the adhesive transverse projectile phenomenon

    Binder viscosity is too high; too low or too high inside the borax content, high-speed operation of the production line are prone adhesive transverse projectile phenomenon, this will cause warping or paperboard weak cardboard, carton adhesive, edge pressure and compressive strength who will be reduced.

    3, the guide claw marks or vacuum marks

    Section appears in the sizing guide claw marks or vacuum marks, such cartons made of corrugated cardboard, when used normally broken edge crush strength of corrugated board and carton compressive strength will be greatly reduced. With guide claw single machine produced corrugated board will often appear in the sizing guide claw some traces (a clear no binder blank), mainly due to conduction is usually curved claw baffles, wear, or adjust the location of partial pressure Large; adhesive on the bezel accumulation clot, these hardened starch will rub off on the adhesive roller to form a guide claw blank traces. In addition, the high moisture content of corrugated paper, glue roller caused due to wear on the rubber roller grooves or appear on a wide adhesive is foreign erased, this will lead to quality problems. Without guide claw single machine often occur in a vacuum sizing some traces, which is mainly caused by too much because Corrugated vacuum, the vacuum will be pasted on corrugated paper Corrugated excessive, resulting in depression core paper, glue roller can not be adhesive to sag core paper flute peak.

    4, severe intermittent blurring phenomenon sizing

    This phenomenon occurs in the roller before the guide claw mainly due to the distance between the baffle and the large corrugated roller, the guide claw plate is damaged or worn, corrugated paper with high moisture content, uneven pressure on the pressure roller, Corrugated There is dirt, brake slack core paper original paper, corrugated roll on uneven pressure or pressure is too low, Corrugated is no vacuum or temporarily without vacuum and so on.

    5, the irregular shape of the sizing

    Sizing irregular shape and mainly due to the guide claw between the core paper through the various rollers, the position is not accurate due to the corrugated uneven, the quality of the paper core, Corrugated there is dirt on the rough surface wear, the guide claw worn, damaged, bent, guided claw of a foreign body, without guide claw vacuum pressure is insufficient or vacuum clogging improper pressure on the pressure roller, core paper tension is too large or uneven braking.

    6, inadequate or non-adhesive glue adhesive

    Low viscosity adhesive, glue roller net hole clogged squeegee roller and the roller gap is too small, will cause the glue inadequate. Corrugated glue roller and the gap is too large, steam condensation dripping on the glue roller, glue binder in liquid level is too low, lower corrugating roll and pressure roll poor contact between the high and the location is not corrugating standard will result in no occurrence of adhesion.

    7, the adhesive glue overdose

    Excess adhesive glue is usually because the rubber roller and doctor roll gap is too large, or adhesive viscosity is too high. Not only cause the adhesive ornament costs, but the problem will lead to the washboard-like cardboard or paperboard warpage problems, there will be serious obvious folds.

    8, Corrugated impact on the sizing

    Corrugated has recessed, surface dirt, corrugated stick damaged or worn, uneven pressure clip Corrugated, Corrugated corrugated corrugated shape will affect not parallel, a direct result of poor sizing.

    9, the longitudinal edges poor sizing

    The longitudinal edges of corrugated paper and corrugating medium unbonded, appear glossy loose phenomenon, mainly due to slitting tool is not sharp, slitting machine overspeed running too many overlapping slitters, slitting edge guide claw or vacuum marks, glossy edge moisture content is uneven, the base paper web uneven wear caused by different Corrugated, Corrugated under pressure roller or adhesive on the agglomeration.

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