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    Printing and packaging industry's policy response to the financial crisis
    Date added:2013-06-24    Click to rate:1415

       Financial turmoil, such as the choke in the printing and packaging industry in front of barbed hose sword, a test of our enterprise printing and packaging industry awareness and ability to resist risks. In the industry, the difficulty of increasing prevalence of enterprises to expand the market, increased costs, reduced turnover and profit, individual enterprises and even into survival crisis, but there are some companies in the crisis did not flinch, actively seek opportunities, or cut costs, or through a variety of ways, and always adhere to the customer to maintain "close" relationship ... which are actually benign financial crisis solution.


       Technology Innovation

       Under the impact of the financial crisis, many companies have adopted austerity measures to cut spending, shrink channels, cancel the new product development. In technical force and has been on the market on the basis of full investigation, and increase investment in science and technology, through technical innovation, the introduction of competitive products, especially those with their own innovative products, may be contrarian.

       Cut costs

    China Printing Equipment Industries Association Senior Consultant Mr. Tan Junjiao, interview with this site represents: the financial crisis, the Chinese printing and packaging industrial enterprises need most is money orders and no orders, companies can not survive without money, the other is talking about empty. Cut costs, namely through the "open source" play "throttling" role. Through cost reduction, capital of the enterprise is more abundant. Toyota's success secret lies tirelessly to reduce costs, from development to procurement, logistics and to reduce all aspects of inefficient spending, the savings funds for develop new markets, developing products to meet customer needs, in order to help businesses more quickly through the current difficulties.

       And the customer as much as possible to maintain "close" relationship

       A close relationship to the client's customers to bring stability to investment and cooperation, the two sides on the basis of trust, mutual complementary advantages, powerful alliances and achieve win-win situation. Recently, the United States announced anilox manufacturers Harper, Harper's Platinum XLT anilox type will become the company Mark Andy accessories MAX service support system, which is currently the industry's largest OEM service and technology support projects . Through this partnership, Mark Andy Kang will be made available worldwide sales and Mark Andy presses Harper anilox users.

       I want to tell the reader through the essay: the financial crisis is not what we thought it would be terrible, crisis and opportunity is only separated by a chasm to cross it. Whether it is technical innovation is good, cost savings, develop a sincere partner to better serve our customers, in the final analysis is to fund and order services, the financial crisis adversity, enterprises should firmly grasp both funding and orders priority, and then as a starting point, to make informed and reasonable decisions.

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