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    Analysis in the corrugated box flexo Application and Development
    Date added:2013-06-22    Click to rate:1390

    Flexo abroad has been developed rapidly, especially in the packaging and printing, the U.S. flexo packaging printing market accounted for 75%, Europe 35% of the total print share using flexo way, and this market share is also expanding. Relatively speaking, our flexo started late, but flexo With its unique technology and features, has cut a striking figure in the packaging and printing industry, being the promotion and popularization.

    Flexo corrugated boxes in the application characteristics

    Currently, the growing awareness of environmental protection, resource conservation concern, flexo is seen in many varieties, small batch, short cycle, low-cost general cartons and cartons printed in a widely used printing. Flexo printing on corrugated box has the following advantages.

    (1) environmental protection and good. Used in line with international environmental requirements flexo water-based ink, non-polluting production process, the printed product pass rate has greatly improved. Plate can be used when less volatile eco-solvent and waste solvent recovery system using the pollution to a minimum.

    (2) less wear and tear, short cycle and high efficiency. Flexo typically uses roll-type material, width as narrow 2.5cm, width to several meters. Printing costs, the flexo 15% lower than the offset; paper consumption, the flexo paper scrap rate of 1%, while the offset is 5%; Also, can set flexo printing, die cutting, polishing and other functions in one, flexo corrugated box production process offset printing process less than 2 to 3, so the printing cycle, flexo 2 to 3 days to complete the live parts, and offset printing needs 7-8 days to complete, and the need to offset rear mounted with back machine, cutting machine, polishing machines and other equipment, increased investment, in short, flexo printing can greatly shorten the cycle time, low energy consumption, low cost, allowing users in a highly competitive market leading position.

    (3) easy operation, low noise, no pollution. Compared with other presses, flexo machine structure is relatively simple, so easy to operate, easy maintenance, the machine running noise transmission mechanism, and the use of water-based ink on environmental pollution.

    (4) No misting phenomenon. As used in water-based ink Flexo environmental pollution, coupled with a squeegee reverse, does not produce misting phenomenon, printed corrugated boxes do not fade, do not de-inking.

    (5) the compressive strength of corrugated board, bearing pressure increased. Flexo corrugated board, after heat treatment and hot glue bonding, the compressive strength is superior to offset cold glue composite and corrugated boxes through flexo, UV glazing, with wear, dirt, moisture-proof function.

    Although flexo printing machine has many advantages, the structure is simple than offset, however flexo changes involved many factors, such as plates, anilox, ink, embossing structures are on the flexo process of mutual influence, constraints. Therefore, flexo is a high-tech process, employees must master the plate-making process from prepress to printing process related knowledge. In addition, offset, gravure printing as a relatively mature technology, there are a number of recognized or established by national standards to follow, but there is no universal flexo guidelines, parameters or guiding process specifications, so the more requirements practitioners must have a solid knowledge accumulation.

    Flexo printing directly

    Corrugated direct printing using flexo production process for the production of corrugated board cardboard direct flexo → → → slotting die bonding nail box. Flexo printing directly biggest advantage is you can connect production, namely printing, polishing, cutting, slotting, sticky boxes, packing can be done on a machine. The new corrugated box plant simply configure corrugated board production line and flexo printing machine can be put into production, and the use of pre-printed offset and the way you need multiple devices.

    China's packaging market, there is a certain degree of over-packaging, hampered flexo technologies. But there are still some factors that will promote flexo technology in the corrugated box industry promotion. If the product or version frequent revision increases directly in the corrugated board flexo printing method has the speed, low cost and good quality; market towards intensive, large-scale development, customer inventory reduction, are increasingly demanding packaging material to be used directly after, flexo has a faster customer response speed.

    Offline characteristics of flexo preprint

    Offline flexo printing process is pre-printed from the traditional pre-printed and make the whole production line corrugated separated out from the root to avoid some of the corrugated box plant due to small batch production orders caused by the high cost of printing, and low efficiency . Offline flexo prepress printing companies can make according to the original corrugated board production line to make the appropriate improvements, reduce duplication of investment, as long as the increase in flexo corrugated box plant and ancillary equipment can be pre-printed corrugated box production. Here are some of the characteristics of pre-printed flexo offline.

    (1) less investment in equipment. Previous flexo equipment are mostly imported, expensive, if imports of a 8-color flexo machine width of at least 1.5m to invest 20 million yuan. And now invest in a "Korth high" offline flexo prepress equipment imported equipment investment accounted for only 10% to 15%. In the print quality is roughly equal at the same time more suitable for the use of domestic raw materials (ink, paper, etc.), and maintenance, maintenance more convenient, greatly reducing costs.

    (2) print quality. We propose to adopt in thickness 1.14mm precision on a plate for flexo preprint offline, under normal production conditions of up to 150 lines / inch. In the relatively rough surface of the printing paper can still achieve the desired effect, with its print quality is comparable to offset and gravure, greatly reduce production costs. Print quality and printing directly on corrugated cardboard is a big difference compared to the general direct printing can only reach 60 to 110 lines / inch, while the off-line flexo preprint up to 150 lines / inch, or even higher, it will not print Version extruded corrugated corrugated and reduce the strength of a "pattern ribs" to improve the compressive strength of corrugated boxes.

    (3) low cost. Flexographic pre-printed line pattern is printed directly on the surface of the paper, eliminating the need for corrugated board of the extrusion, so that the core of the paper and the paper requirements greatly reduced, can save 18% to 22% of the material cost, cardboard base about 15% weight reduction.

    (4) high efficiency. Offline flexo pre-printed paper will be made directly after printing corrugated board, eliminating the laminating process, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the rejection rate.

    In addition, offline and offline gravure flexo preprint preprinted also has several advantages compared to, such as off-line pre-printed gravure inks amount 6 ~ 8g/m2, while off-line flexo ink amount of pre-printed 3 ~ 4g / m2, only gravure 1/2, platemaking time is short, plate fee is low, only gravure, 1/3, we can see that in the off-line pre-printed corrugated box flexo printing prospects.

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